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25 ACP pistol was fairly popular on the continent prior to WWI because it was very flat and easy to carry in evening clothes.
In the 1930s depression some women worked and supported unemployed husbands, and work clothes became easier to wash and care for, with a 1937 cotton washing frock on show, though evening clothes were influenced by Hollywood glamour.
Banner-waving women dressed in soiled evening clothes demonstrate outside Penarth Labour Club in protest at the club''s men-only bar.
Along with traditional abayas, sheilas and evening clothes, a wide range of perfumes, ouds, cosmetics and jewellery creations will also be available at the venue.
A special screened area will also be set up so the ladies could take off their abayas to enjoy the night in going-out evening clothes.
After a change into evening clothes, we were led to a candlelit table and a six-course meal of freshly caught lobster and sea bass.
The hotels there had magnificent dining rooms, and coloured waiters who wore evening clothes.
Once there, he would do away with his wetsuit only to reveal his evening clothes underneath, and join the bash as any other partygoer.
Blood-covered women in evening clothes lay on stretchers as scores of policemen swarmed around.
She has separate compartments for beachwear, underwear, daytime clothes, evening clothes, footwear and bathroom bag.
Some people were getting changed into their evening clothes in rooms in the hotel's gym because they couldn't get into their bedrooms," he added.
I bought a lot of stuff to take out to Germany, so I don't need any smart evening clothes, but I've snapped up a few bikinis and kaftans from H&M and Topshop - perfect for teaming with jeans when I head off to the beach.
Market research was carried out into what women want from the club and one need identified was somewhere for business women to change into evening clothes before a night out.
2 -- 3 -- ran in AV edition only) Barbara and Pat Achee, above, in night clothes rather than evening clothes, cap a New Year's celebration with breakfast.
Monte Carlo conjures up images of aristocratic men and women playing baccarat in evening clothes.