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just to all parties

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without partiality

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Directors observed that this second model calls for careful implementation to strike the right balance between flexibility and evenhandedness while preserving independence, with a few suggesting that it could be helpful to develop clear criteria for determining RFA capacity.
An election system that rewards or punishes judges for their views, rather than for their evenhandedness and integrity, weakens the credibility and independence of the judiciary.
What Reagan doesn't reveal is that he is featured prominently in the film, which has been lauded by the Right and the Left for its evenhandedness.
Senate President Taher Al-Masri reiterated that the late Saket firmly pushed the judiciary toward independence and evenhandedness.
Premier League football these days is rarely associated with gentility, decency and evenhandedness but Fulham boss Roy Hodgson is one shining exception.
Canada's famed evenhandedness seems to have vanished.
Olver, of Amherst, has earned a reputation for evenhandedness and has been effective in addressing constituents' needs in the 103-community district, particularly with regard to health, energy and education.
WITH commendable evenhandedness, the Government decreed in the Budget earlier this year that 30 per cent of public contracts for the 2012 London Olympics should be awarded to small businesses.
Witt was recognized for his exemplary evenhandedness in covering the complex issues surrounding race relations in the United States and the unfinished business of the nation's civil rights movement.
Evenhandedness dictates we provide public recognition to minority cultures.
As A LOYAL SUBSCRIBER WHO HAS always been impressed by the evenhandedness of the WQ's articles, I was distressed to see a letter published in the Winter 2007 issue that amounts to an unpaid advertisement for the International Baccalaureate (IB) program and fails to mention the Advanced Placement (AP) program.
The SP is a cornerstone of the betting industry and its integrity and evenhandedness must be preserved at all costs - otherwise racing will pay a very high price for returning an unfair price.
In the Toronto Star the other day, Linda McQuaig wrote that Stephen Harper is "abandoning our traditional attempt at evenhandedness in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
Paul Duke, whose storytelling skills and journalistic evenhandedness set the tone for the venerated public television show 'Washington Week in Review," died July 18 of leukemia in Washington, D.
It is the mainstream media that have little to do with open-mindedness and evenhandedness, not NCR.