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without favoring one party, in a fair evenhanded manner


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My central message in the interview was that issues in sport must be dealt with fairly and evenhandedly and without fear or favour and my administration at the SFA will do exactly that.
I am perfectly comfortable with that argument--as long as it is applied evenhandedly across all public services.
Even the easy graders at the White House had to conclude that there has not been satisfactory progress toward ensuring that Iraqi forces evenhandedly uphold the law, nor progress toward eliminating militia control of local security, nor progress toward equitable distribution of oil revenues nor toward reforming discriminatory anti-Baathist legislation.
And perhaps she tells her tale too evenhandedly, since readers may be left with the impression that the Society for Psychical Research was on to something.
But Mormino evenhandedly notes the downsides: twice as many Floridians between the ages of five and nineteen than senior citizens live below the poverty line.
Pope Benedict XVI, when asked for his thoughts on the crisis, said he was unable to add anything but a wish for prayer to the G8 communique that evenhandedly criticized the militant groups Hamas and Hezbollah for fueling an escalation in fighting while urging Israel again to exercise restraint.
Yet even here the author does a creditable job in describing the development of American nuclear submarines, evenhandedly discussing the rise, behavior, strengths, and weaknesses of Admiral Hyman Rickover.
Evenhandedly examining the lives of both men and women, Jewish High Society In Old Regime Berlin is smoothly written and highly readable to historians and lay people alike.
He very evenhandedly deals with his conflicting feelings concerning his charge as an officer and his personal regard for the mission.
While self-regulation of the profession by the Bar may have been a worthwhile experiment, it is becoming increasingly apparent that it fails to evenhandedly regulate lawyer misconduct.
Anchors probably should have remained in studios to oversee, evenhandedly, the wrenching reports, as Keith Olbermann did on MSNBC.
Judicial hellholes are courtrooms throughout the United States where the law is not applied evenhandedly to all litigants," says Victor Schwartz, ATRA's general counsel.
He concisely and evenhandedly discusses John Warden's revolutionary concepts and Maj Gen Dave Deptula's construction of a master air-attack plan under Gen Buster C.
There is still disagreement on whether James should be placed with the "healthy-minded" or the "sick souls," so evenhandedly and sympathetically did he write of both, and so conscientiously did he attempt to pull himself up by his emotional bootstraps when beset by despair.
Whether real or virtual, they are all good kissers in their own way," she remarks evenhandedly.