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just to all parties

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without partiality

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This, in David Levin's opinion, is an indication that NCR "does not include any attempt at an open-minded or evenhanded approach.
You must be very evenhanded and listen to everybody," she said.
As a result, the particularly strong qualities of the de Jong history are its broad, systematic and evenhanded coverage of such standard subjects as the segregation laws, disfranchisment and limited economic opportunies offered to African Americans.
Hackney is too polite, too evenhanded, and too close to his story to ask such a persnickety question.
Throughout, the author acknowledges the variety of differing, often competing interpretations of the work, evaluates their relative merits in an evenhanded manner and by constant reference to the evidence of the paintings themselves, and offers her own well-considered conclusions (though these are notably rare in the difficult arena of attribution).
has never been evenhanded or fair or even remotely human in its brokerage of the peace process.
We recognize, moreover, that the public has a right to know whether the laws are being administered in an evenhanded manner.
Of the three films, only The Chosen manages to represent two competing understandings of Judaism in an evenhanded way - "a rare filmic achievement" (93).
in order to complete this analysis, an evenhanded report must be developed.
But "Dead Man Walking" is surprisingly evenhanded in its approach to the death penalty.
It was in the performance of Alice, however, that the company really triumphed, in an evenhanded marriage of dancing and special effects in which neither overwhelmed the other.
The Court suggested three nondiscriminatory alternatives for limiting the disposal of hazardous wastes:(1) a per-ton additional fee on all hazardous waste disposed in the state; (2) a per-mile tax on all vehicles transporting hazardous waste within the state; or (3) an evenhanded cap on the total tonnage disposed in the state.
Trapani maintains an evenhanded tone, and yet is not afraid to speak negative truths.
But boards need to recognize that a uniform and evenhanded approach to this issue is more important than who administers the program.
We needed an improved dealer management system and an established, evenhanded business partner to help us significantly reduce our computer system expenses," said Billy Maxwell, Parts Director, Kinsel Toyota, Beaumont, Texas.