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To be fair - and to revert to being even-handedly British - a fair portion of those odds were self-created.
Within the second set, now at Ecouen in abraded condition and reproduced in faint gray reproductions, a like figure appears on a balcony dealing even-handedly with the two tribal chiefs in a similarly crowded scene.
Judges praised KXAN for providing a local perspective on a national issue: "This reporting even-handedly lays out the effects this will have on Texas residents, giving anyone who watched it a richer understanding of the issue.
Of note is Rabbi Shira Lander's essay on the vexed question of Jewish identity, which even-handedly considers the multiple dimensions of that problem, and which might be especially useful for Catholic readers.
More needs to be done to ensure that both the benefits and risks are clearly, and even-handedly, communicated so that people can make an informed choice about whether screening is right for them'
As Snow put it: "It's not the role of science to put the bad guys in jail but to even-handedly collect the evidence.
He said the Pakistani legal system should deal all accused irrespective of their status or clout even-handedly.
hindered by disagreements relating to a formula that even-handedly divides customs revenues among the individual governments.
Last night David Wood, chairman of the Integrated Transport Authority set to decide on what changes are needed next month, said: "The MPs support the work the authority is doing in exploring even-handedly the merits of new partnership or franchise models of the kind our big bus companies are happy to work under in London, in Stockholm and in many cities in between.
The titles of the 10 chapters of text ('The Significance of Bronze'; 'State Control of the Bronze Industry'; 'The State Bronze Foundries'; 'The Independent Bronze Foundries'; 'The Employment of State Gun-Founders'; 'The Employment of Independent Founders'; 'Bells'; 'Large Functional Bronzes'; 'Large Bronze Sculpture'; 'Small Bronze Sculpture' and 'Artefacts') make it apparent how fully and even-handedly both the practical and aesthetic aspects of bronze are explored.
He very credibly and even-handedly discusses the administration's strategic blunders, political miscalculations, and missed opportunities.
In an increasingly competitive TV market, it demonstrates that there will always be space for high-quality journalism that seeks to inform all, even-handedly," she added .
FDA has an absolute obligation to apply its regulatory standards even-handedly among all similarly situated firms.
Although the pace was delivered even-handedly - balletic grace one minute, brute force the next - the troupe continuously skirted the barriers of physical ability drawing gasps from an open-mouthed audience who were agog at the sight in front of them.
Eventually people's sense of fairness began kicking in, but rather than repeal the oppressive laws, they began enforcing them more even-handedly against everyone.