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regularity of spacing

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Frame each piece as you would a photograph and mount on the wall, using a ruler to ensure even spacing between each.
As a bubble inflated and solidified, the nanocomponents in its polymer skin lined up with each other and took on even spacing.
Starting at the center lines ensures even spacing of all design elements.
Lay a row of tiles on the floor and use small plastic tile spacers for even spacing, then put a length of wood alongside and mark the tile positions on it in pencil.
Clear and even spacing is a sign that someone is telling the truth; little space with the lines bunched up means a lie.
New Ultra Clips ensure even spacing, easier installation and removal, and a flawless fastener-free surface.
In fact, after six months spent shadowing Bruce between his Puerto Rico holiday pad and his Wentworth pile, I wondered if the hour's worth of footage of him fretting about the elasticity of his DVT golfing socks and obsessing over the even spacing of blueberries on his morning porridge was really as exciting as it got.
The tall trees do not have to be very close together and even spacing them four to six feet apart is enough.