even so

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despite anything to the contrary (usually following a concession)

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Even so, the safety net provided by the farm program will largely protect farm income.
Even so, I wonder about the validity of such claims that assume that a particular focus on the Shoah teaches us lessons that are otherwise not available to us.
Even so, the idea that the media, including the Web, are playing up the gay angle with Martin does not seem to concern his camp.
Even so, these two traits alone, however important to an understanding of humanism, cannot account for that endemic spirit and orientation - that elan - which characterizes humanism in its more rigorous manifestations throughout history.
Even so, Tine labeled the plan "pallid," saying it "avoids all the toughest issues" and charged Clinton with break news organizations, such as The Boston Globe, stated falsely that Clinton was trying to fob off Bush's old plan as his own.