even as

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at the same time as


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suffering I wanted it to die & leave you alone, even as we
But even as she gives the genuinely naive Arab transfer student Randa (Adi Schnall) the grand tour of their private school's campus and her own over-ventilated thoughts, Kimberly can't entirely disguise a keen intellect.
Even as many pro-choice people have been worrying about the potential calamity that awaits in the Supreme Court, the antiabortion forces have been busy gaining ground elsewhere.
Today the electronic universe suggests that sequences of messages can be transferred from one physical medium to another without losing their unique characteristics, and it seems that they can exist even as pure immaterial algorithms when, one medium have been abandoned, they are not transcribed again onto another.
Even as my bones poked out from under my skin, I could not admit to anyone--including myself--how incredibly sick I was.