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intentionally vague or ambiguous

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This led him to lose the thread of a conversation in a way that people who did not know him could misinterpret for evasiveness.
He had prompted misgivings on the part of his instructor by his evasiveness, belligerence, and complete unsuitability to be a pilot -- and for peculiar comments suggesting that he intended to use a jumbo jet as a bomb.
Given his monumental ego, can the Crouch really have failed to notice the alarming evasiveness and tepidness of Bellow's endorsement?
But it is also true that the publication of images modeled after the Holocaust can have the effect of cutting through the evasiveness of political language that has shied away from naming a genocide "a genocide" when it seemed politically inopportune, as in the case of Bosnia.
The resulting network of observations about visual effect, musical detail, and psychoanalytic symbolism highlights a complex core of eroticism and psychic distress in an opera that has often confounded critics by its apparent restraint and evasiveness.
The problem has typically been explored through two related topics: first, the tension between what is called the romance tendency to an inconclusive openness and evasiveness of structure, on the one hand, and, on the other, the epic drive to dosure; [11] and second, the technique of narrative interlace itself.
The virtual interviewee is endowed with human characteristics, such as evasiveness, helpfulness, and indignation--the characteristics change from interview to interview and vary according to the interview approach taken.
Among the factors he emphasized was the evasiveness of Korean government officials even after the IMF program of December 1997.
Exasperated by Maritz's evasiveness, Boies demanded: "Are you a senior Microsoft executive?
And then, in a brief, embarrassing televised speech, following months of self-serving evasiveness and outright lies, he added further insult by asking us to believe that his offensive actions were a private matter, between himself and his family.
THE indictment against Mike Atherton reads: Churlishness, Evasiveness (the dust concealed in his pocket at Lord's), Uselessness (almost never wins the toss and tours West Indies averaging roughly a dozen runs per innings).
My reason for concern is that the reply delivers other messages as well--messages which I feel involve evasiveness, falsehoods, and shoddy thinking.
She then complains of confronting the 82-year-old Luce with the discrepancy and being greeted with evasiveness and vague digressions about Easter Sunday, Good Friday, and the astrological signs of Aries and Pisces.
The Somalia Commissioners noted in their final report that, on many occasions, the testimony of witnesses -- officers and senior civil servants -- was characterized by inconsistency, improbability, implausibility, evasiveness, selective recollection, half-truths and plain lies.
The researchers also believe they can explain the evasiveness of their bacteriophages.