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(law) an answer by a defendant that fails to admit or deny the allegations set forth in the complaint

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This could be just a completely evasive answer," she said.
Nowadays, tune in on any Wednesday noon to PM's Question Time, or should that be more accurately, PM's evasive answer time, and you witness row upon row of grey-haired old men, some of whom would be more at home in a funeral parlour.
Above and beyond that evasive answer, I can honestly say I can't remember.
The evasive answer was "we don't comment on individual cases", even though we didn't ask for details of individual cases.
In fact I wrote to him last May but got an evasive answer.
I tried to find out how many of the beautiful mature trees in this avenue were to be ripped up to accommodate the tramway,but got only an evasive answer.
I was given an evasive answer but later in the secretary's tent I overheard the steward boasting to his colleagues that he had backed the winner at long odds.
Both of us will make the final decision and I don't think that's an evasive answer.
A GOOD cop like DI Jardine of Taggart wouldn't have been happy with his alter ego, actor James Macpherson's evasive answer about his first sexual experience when quizzed by the Record last week.
We'd be foolish to repeat America's mistake and accept an evasive answer from another sliver-tongued, smirking aristo.
Mikels' evasive answer indicates a profound sense of discomfort.
Curry doesn't realize how similar they want to be until he's hit with evasive answers when posing light-hearted questions.
After hearing enough evasive answers, they realized that I had no intention of sharing anything about their peers' medical history, regardless of how trivial the incident may have been.
dollars) of payments to the AWU by two companies in 2007, Royal Commissioner Dyson Heydon at one point rebuked Shorten's evasive answers.