evasive action

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an action aimed at evading an opponent

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He drove on the wrong side of the road, cars had to take evasive action SGT DONAL CRONIN
In Scotland, 44 per cent of those interviewed admitted to taking evasive action to avoid potholes.
Chandler delivered the biggest example of evasive action by scything Hull to 15-8 from a top price 13-5 for their Third Division encounter at York, doubtless influenced by the Tigers excellent 2-0 win against Hartlepool on the same day that York were being hammered at Boston.
The JAS pilot took evasive action after the onboard collision-avoidance system directed him to gain altitude and bank to the right.
7 Gary McAllister carries the ball away from Frederic Kanoute as Gary Breen takes evasive action
Without any apparent evasive action, Guerrero rear-ended the tractor trailer.
The pilots took evasive action after an on-board collision system alert.
The warning permits pilots to take evasive action and employ electronic and other countermeasures against the threats.
For instance, what if it's safer to take evasive action to avoid an accident by briefly doing 75mph?
In eight miles of madness, the youngdriver: n sped on the wrong side of the road forced vehicles to take evasive action n raced through junctions without stopping n drove the wrong way around a roundabout n and careered down an embankment where children were playing Anthony Thomas Pullen, 23,drove from Wrexham to Acrefair at speeds of up to 70mph with police in pursuit.
The stewards ruled that Callan, riding Indian Shores in the six-furlong maiden, had switched to the rails, hampering Fergal Lynch on Mystical Charm who, in taking evasive action, almost brought down Montez, ridden by Shane Kelly.
The Civil Aviation Department has found that the controller and the supervisor present knew that the jet aircraft were on a potential collision course, but only warned the pilots a short time before the Dragonair pilot was forced to take evasive action and make a rapid right turn.
An oncoming driver was forced to take evasive action but could not prevent a collision.
Olivas saw the other guy, attempted to take evasive action but was unable to avoid a collision.
During the chase, said Mr John Butterfield, prosecuting, Elcock ignored traffic lights, mounted the kerb and forced on-coming motorists to take evasive action.