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the sediment that is left after the evaporation of seawater

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86]Sr ratios that are nearly identical to those of evaporitic minerals within desert soils (Fig.
Evaporitic, lacustrine and fluvial sediments have been documented in many basins, and high resolution satellite images (DigitalGlobe, 2007) allow the identification of paleo-shorelines in numerous basins.
The sepiolite is Tertiary in age and formed in an evaporitic sequence in a lacustrine environment (Huertas et.
The famous Chile saltpeter, for decades the world's most important agricultural fertilizer, is extracted from ancient marine evaporitic basins.
Length-slow chalcedony and relicts of sulphates--evidences of evaporitic environments in the Upper Carboniferous and Permian beds of Bear Island, Svalbard.
Barite-celestite ore deposits associated with three evaporitic cycles, which are linked to the climax of the regressions of the Cuyano (Lower-Middle Jurassic), Lotenian (Upper Jurassic) and Mendocian (Lower Cretaceous) sedimentation cycles (Ramos and Brodtkorb, 1990).
Evaporitic source rocks: mesohaline responses to cycles of famine or feast" in layered brines (Warren, J.
The occurrences of gypsum in the upper Devonian lagoonal evaporitic carbonate-claystone sequences in Latvia and northwestern Russia, right next to Estonia, show [delta][.
Sorentino has specialised in the exploration, metallurgy and development of the mineral resources of evaporitic deposits, particularly in the Andes Cordillera.
These included high organic productivity, repeated regressive shoal conditions, anoxic lagoonal oil source rocks, and evaporitic seals.
Sedimentary materials gradually change from siliciclastic at the boundaries of the Duero and Madrid basins to evaporitic in the central areas.
Ghazij (Chamalang) Group (Shaheed Ghat Toi Kingri Drug and Baska formations) shows marine deltaic continental and evaporitic environments.
He and Lu (1990) observed that oils and bitumens from evaporitic and carbonate source rocks have the highest concentrations of benzohopanes, which occur in trace amounts in most source rocks and crude oils.