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the sediment that is left after the evaporation of seawater

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6--Fault and Evaporite districts) provides a mechanism for mountain front recharge (MFR), as outlined by Manning (2011).
Bowler JM, Teller JT (1986) Quaternary evaporites and hydrological change, Lake Tyrrell, north-west Victoria.
Role of evaporite withdrawal in the preservation of a unique coal-bearing succession: Pennsylvanian Joggins Formation, Nova Scotia.
Although no evaporite minerals were found in the dolomite or chert during this study, the Alibates does contain anhydrite and gypsum outside the study area.
Movement on the thrust plane postdated the deposition of the Windsor Group carbonate and evaporite rocks (Visean, 342-327 Ma).
Salts leached from these evaporite outcrops are probably the source of most salt in the salt lakes.
7 million acres and 37 exploration permits in the Prairie Evaporite potash deposit in Saskatchewan.
2005, Copper geochemistry in salt from evaporite soils, Coastal Range of the Atacama Desert, northern Chile: An exploration tool for blind copper deposits: Geochemistry: Exploration, Environment, Analysis, v.
The alunite came from an evaporite deposit at Lake Chandler in Western Australia, and the NaCl impurity was removed by washing.
Thick and laterally extensive Permian aged evaporite sequences cover much of southeastern New Mexico.
com/research/81e48e/quaternary_carbona) has announced the addition of John Wiley and Sons Ltd's new report "Quaternary Carbonate and Evaporite Sedimentary Facies and their Ancient Analogues: A Tribute to Douglas James Shearman (Special Publication 43 of the IAS)" to their offering.
Below this predominantly halite layer an extensive mixed evaporite layer approximately 32-52 meters thick, consisting of greater than 60% fine to coarse sand, was encountered in the three peripheral holes.
Overlying younger Carboniferous rocks progressively overlap the basement rocks, and include evaporite and carbonate rocks of the Windsor Group and overlying thick coal-bearing sequences (Fig.
Komatsu and co-authors also include a discussion on the identification of terrestrial evaporite deposits by remote sensing, drawing attention to the difficulties in interpreting similar data from Mars.
In Iran the ultimate seal to the Asmari is the Gachsaran evaporite.