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Synonyms for evaporate

Synonyms for evaporate

to pass off as vapor, especially when heated


to pass out of sight either gradually or suddenly

Synonyms for evaporate

lose or cause to lose liquid by vaporization leaving a more concentrated residue

cause to change into a vapor

change into a vapor

become less intense and fade away gradually

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An integrated mathematical model has been developed to simulate the performance of the evaporatively cooled split AC system in a controlled space under certain operational conditions (using steady-state performance data supplied by the manufacturer and taking into account the transient effect of the compressor cycling and the manufacturer's minimum ON-OFF timing).
Performance investigation of plain and finned tube evaporatively cooled heat exchangers.
Evaporatively dried biosolids which are high in soluble CL will not only affect plant performance through osmotic stress, but may also compromise product quality through Cd mobilisation.
A total economizer phase where the chiller is off, and total cooling load is met by evaporatively cooling the chilled water return.
The evaporatively cooled conditioner was packaged for field testing as a 500 cfm residential dehumidifier.
Using a Rigid Media DEC upstream on the secondary airstream side and evaporatively cool the air; 3.
The air is heated, if necessary, evaporatively cooled to the desired dew-point temperature and then reheated to the design window.
Equipment utilizing water spray or evaporatively cooled equipment is documented in several sources and instances and can reach energy savings of nominally 20% with paybacks as low as 1 year.
The "working air" that is normally exhausted from an indirect evaporative cooler is itself evaporatively cooled and, if directed across the DX condenser, will be useful to improve overall COP.
In such systems, the air is first cooled sensibly without any moisture addition and then further evaporatively cooled to achieve lower temperatures and humidity compared to that possible with simple evaporative cooling.