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a cooling system used in industry to cool hot water (by partial evaporation) before reusing it as a coolant

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The heat transfer coil can be part of an evaporative cooling tower where it is cooled by water from a sump.
The 200 kW evaporative cooling tower supplies cool, recycled water to the condensers on four ice cream freezers and to a new pasteurising unit, where liquid ice cream mix is heated and cooled rapidly to kill off bacteria.
Evaporative cooling tower systems in a full range from 4 to 1000 tons.
Evaporative cooling tower cells are fully assembled up to 175-ton size; larger units are also available.
Interpretation-The intent of this language is to measure, monitor and control make-up water use in evaporative cooling towers sized for greater than 500 gpm (30 l/s) of design flow.
Evaporative cooling towers are one of the largest consumers of water in the United States.
Coolmation has supplied a system featuring one of its open-circuit evaporative cooling towers for the Princes site.