evaporative cooler

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a cooling system that cools by evaporation

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Figures 1 and 2 show a schematic diagram of the forced air evaporative cooler [15].
Selected housing and travel characteristics in Nuevo Laredo and Laredo residents Characteristic Nuevo Laredo Laredo Central air-conditioning 2% 36% Room air conditioner 23% 52% Evaporative cooler 29% 17% Screens on windows 54% 78% Intact window screens 36% 60% Mean no.
Along with the energy savings, the additional benefits of filtration and sound attenuation discussed above makes the Rigid Media Direct Evaporative Cooler very attractive but heavily under utilized technology.
Evaporative coolers are the perfect match for these applications because of the low energy requirement to do a significant amount of cooling.
Economy and efficiency dictated installation of their new evaporative cooler right below the existing wall-mounted room air conditioner.
supply air) is drawn through the evaporative cooler directly (Figure 1a).
It is the only air cooler that does not add humidity to the room, and thus is a good choice for those who want air cooler comfort without the swamp cooler side effects of added humidity and musty evaporative cooler smell.
Many evaporative cooler owners add products to keep lime scale from accumulating in their machines, as well as anti-algae and anti-fungal products.
Earth berms on three sides keep it insulated; 80-percent shadecloth and an evaporative cooler keep it from overheating.
Tenders are invited for Gt Evaporative Cooler System Actuator Spare
Even in the desert heat of summer, my electric bill has almost never exceeded $24 a month when I use my evaporative cooler.
Four different cooling technologies, including direct expansion (DX), the air-side economizer, the direct evaporative cooler, and the multistage indirect evaporative cooler, are examined for climate appropriateness and cooling energy reduction in data centers.
The sand cooler uses direct cooling from fluidizing air as well as indirect cooling from the coils of an evaporative cooler.
Tenders are invited for Supply of Evaporative cooler pads
This is historically the case as in its most common form, the Direct Evaporative Cooler, evaporative cooling suffers from substantial water consumption, humidification of supply air, and limited cooling to ambient wet bulb temperatures.