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  • verb

Synonyms for evaporate

Synonyms for evaporate

to pass off as vapor, especially when heated


to pass out of sight either gradually or suddenly

Synonyms for evaporate

lose or cause to lose liquid by vaporization leaving a more concentrated residue

cause to change into a vapor

change into a vapor

become less intense and fade away gradually

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When this happens, water turns to gas and evaporates.
Labour will just have to sit it out and hope public support will evaporate.
In any event, the costs will be borne mainly by smaller communities: Gas evaporates more slowly from wells than from rivers or reservoirs, and the high fixed cost of filtration makes water treatment an expensive process for utilities that serve a small number of customers.
Cook uncovered, stirring often, until liquid evaporates and vegetables begin to brown.
For example in the mechanical evaporator, we have to burn a lot of firewood and evaporate the water physically, whereas in here, we do not evaporate the water by any external forces," said Raja Shanmugam, Chairman NIFT-TEA.
Water on Earth's surface evaporates, making water vapor.
Regular use helps prevent bacterial transfer and reduces hospital-acquired infections, It evaporates instantly and leaves no sticky residue, leaving hands sanitized, smooth, refreshed, and conditioned.
some of the Mg in the molten iron evaporates and forms a partial pressure with the N atmosphere above the melt.
Ethylene glycol also floats to the surface of water and evaporates quickly, so the chemical would not likely contaminate water for lengthy periods, Pearson said.
Heptane has the highest volatility of the four; in actual use, it flashes off, or evaporates, most quickly.
After the solvent evaporates, the F15 remains and is extremely stable.
The comet can clearly be viewed moving in over the right side of the sun, disappearing 20 minutes later as it evaporates in the searing heat.
In an ordinary bulb, tungsten gradually evaporates, so the wire thins and the bulb burns out.
Drops that hit soil often soak in; some of that water later evaporates, while much of the rest seeps through the earth to replenish aquifers and nourish springs.
Requiring only a 60-second dwell time, alcohol-based Alpet D2 evaporates quickly, resulting in considerable time savings when sanitizing between shifts or before product changeovers.