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Synonyms for evangelist

Synonyms for evangelist

a person doing religious or charitable work in a foreign country

Synonyms for evangelist

a preacher of the Christian gospel

(when capitalized) any of the spiritual leaders who are assumed to be authors of the Gospels in the New Testament: Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John

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All the law wants is the four evangelists and the Lord’s prayer.
Swiftly as he went, however, he could not escape the curse of the four blessed evangelists which the mendicant howled behind him.
The glory of His evangelists, and the proof of their divine mission, is not so much that they made laws for the world, but that they spread a new spirit abroad, and the new laws were filled with this new spirit.
Wilt thou, my good Jacinta, be so kind As go down in the library and bring me The Holy Evangelists.
They serve no purpose, as they stand thus useless round the king; they produce upon me the effect of the four Evangelists who surround the face of the big clock of the palace, and which Philippe Brille has just set in order afresh.
The technology evangelist said he had been impressed with the work being undertaken by the region's hi-tech companies.
A jamaican evangelist is all set to visit Huddersfield later this week.
Evangelist Franklin Graham has a plan to convert America's children to his brand of Christianity--and it all starts at your local public school.
John the Evangelist church, where he is also a lay minister and member of other church committees.
Penn finally consented to enter the ministry and was licensed by his church in Jefferson as an evangelist on May 6, 1877.
Working as a youth leader, campus and prison evangelist, and church pastor, I led many people--including friends and relatives--out of the Catholic Church.
Of course, my first question to him was, "If you're the 'virutal' evangelist, who's the real one?
The evangelist 'prayer warriors' wore muddied and shabby clothes when they climbed down from military helicopters that brought them to the nearby city of Zamboanga after their rescue.
Philippine Muslim extremists are detaining a flamboyant Christian evangelist, 12 of his preachers and a German journalist in a jungle hideout in the southern Philippines, a government spokesman said Friday.