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Synonyms for evangelism



  • preaching
  • spreading the word
  • spreading the gospel
  • telling the gospel message

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zealous preaching and advocacy of the gospel

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This is the first time a Conference on World Mission and Evangelism will take place in Africa since the integration of the International Missionary Council in the World Council of Churches (WCC) in 1961--a decision that was made at the International Missionary Council Assembly, Accra/Ghana (1958).
Newman teaches evangelism and apologetics at the C.
The Centre of Mission is a welcome and inspiring initiative, bringing together the commitment of the diocese to be a witness to Jesus Christ with the enthusiasm and expertise of Church Army in evangelism," he said.
This month we look at the critical practice of evangelism.
This is signed by Julian Richards, in his capacity as European director of Morris Cerullo World Evangelism.
Back to Church Sunday turns evangelism into a simple invitation--"Will you come to church with me on Sunday?
The most interesting chapters are those which report experiences of Christian Education as evangelism.
It occurs to me that evangelism offers the possibility of projecting one's own values onto others and is at odds with the Golden Rule because it doesn't take into account any wishes of the recipient.
To the Jew First: The Case for Jewish Evangelism in Scripture and History" is an argument pushing for a new approach to Judaism, one that favors evangelism.
A 'true visionary' has joined LearningGuide Solutions as its global chief of learning strategy and evangelism.
EVANGELISM is a 10-letter dirty word for some Christians.
Not only does this dialogue work, but DiNovo shows it can also be put to work: her book is about how the ethics of unconditional hospitality can be practised, what forms evangelism from the outside in can take, and how queer theology can be lived by a queer Christian.
The choices included spending money on building, expanding or updating facilities, increasing evangelism activities, paying off debt, adding staff members, and increasing social programs, such as for homeless outreach.