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  • noun

Synonyms for evangelism



  • preaching
  • spreading the word
  • spreading the gospel
  • telling the gospel message

Words related to evangelism

zealous preaching and advocacy of the gospel

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Ab'ad al-tabshir al-masihi fi al-'asima al-qawmiyya (The Extent of Christian Evangelism in the National Capital).
Every year ATS fills requests for more than three million Halloween evangelism tools.
Meanwhile, the church needs to continue to explore ways to use Internet technology as a tool for evangelism.
The Centre of Mission is a welcome and inspiring initiative, bringing together the commitment of the diocese to be a witness to Jesus Christ with the enthusiasm and expertise of Church Army in evangelism," he said.
This month we look at the critical practice of evangelism.
Finally, I want to offer a Catholic critique of the understanding of evangelism advanced by TTL.
Retailers may order THE RESURRECTION OF EVANGELISM through Ingram Book Company and/or Spring Arbor Book Distributors.
This is signed by Julian Richards, in his capacity as European director of Morris Cerullo World Evangelism.
Meeting with ex-prisoners and engaging with people still in jail is all in a day's work for John Baxter-Brown, the evangelism consultant working within the WCC's unity, mission, evangelism and spirituality programme.
The story in Acts shakes the foundations of our evangelism, twice.
Canon Michael Patterson, diocesan director of evangelism, also offers the course in the diocese of Niagara.
Fundamentalists and evangelicals are said to have "resorted" to an "artificial distinction between worship and evangelism" (149); while worship and evangelism are said to be two sides of the same coin--and one leads to the other--the distinction between them is a biblical one.
Glendale resident Dolores Ditty, a volunteer with Child Evangelism Fellowship, said the district charges her a fee for using school facilities after hours when nonreligious community groups use the space for free.
org) as their senior partner for the Compassionate Evangelism directive, one of seven NHCLC directives.