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Synonyms for evangelical

Synonyms for evangelical

marked by ardent or zealous enthusiasm for a cause


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Wise and holy men, the fathers of our religion, have expended their labors in clearing what was revealed from the obscurities of language, and the results of their experience and researches have been em bodied in the form of evangelical discipline That this discipline must be salutary, is evident from the view of the weakness of human nature that we have already taken; and that it may be profitable to us, and all who listen to its precepts and its liturgy, may God, in his infinite wisdom, grant
Evangelical ladies there are, likewise, whose attachment to the forms of religion, and horror of theatrical entertainments, are most exemplary.
It is only in more recent years that evangelical denominations and advocacy groups have taken up this subject.
The Future of Christian Learning: An Evangelical and Catholic Dialogue
Union of the Armenian Evangelical Churches in the Near East ]Lebanon]
If social action, has defined Sider's career, it has been grounded in an explicitly evangelical spirit.
Except that Siciliano is pastor of a Latino evangelical church in North Hollywood whose lively, born-again Christian services bear a sharp contrast to the ages-old traditions of Judaism.
Evangelical ideals did not adequately prepare men and women for the realities that confronted them as husbands and wives but did supply the rhetoric to voice their experiences to one another, primarily through letters.
This volume contains eleven articles contributed by ten self-identified evangelical feminists.
At this critical moment in legislative negotiations, members of the Evangelical Immigration Table urge all stakeholders involved to work toward a compromise.
In How to Go from Being a Good Evangelical to a Committed Catholic in 95 Difficult Steps, Christian Smith attempts to apply Kuhn's framework to the journey made by evangelical Christians who enter the Catholic Church.
Yong's book is vitally important for his perceptive analysis of evangelical theology and for encouraging readers to listen to the diverse theological voices present in world Christianity.
The evangelical endorsement is the latest juncture in a growing movement among evangelicals who link their work against climate change with their emphasis on protecting the "health of our children and the unborn.
A Rising Tide: Evangelical Christianity in New Zealand 1930-65