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Synonyms for evanescent

Synonyms for evanescent

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tending to vanish like vapor

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Impressionist painters had the same goal of capturing reality, with the flow of colors and light that evanescently define each ephemeral moment.
The lure of a ghostly, record-class buck evanescently appearing during the rut here is a realistic possibility that tantalizes the passions of every serious local hunter - and a reason many of us never miss opening week of the Massachusetts deer season.
The arrangements all seem to have been thoroughly composed, but there is an airy sense of freedom in even the most difficult and complex passages; where it makes sense to swing, they do so convincingly (in particular on the joyful "Blue Rondo a la Turk," the gospel-inflected "'Forty Days" and the inevitable "Take Five"), but they are unapologetic about treating other pieces (notably the evanescently lovely "Bluette") with classically-inspired decorousness.
Writing on Willem Boshoff, Vladislavic simultaneously creates another space; not a blank, but a betwixt and between in which his own prose becomes the ghosted, evanescently anterior subject of his essay.
Boesmans' score is pellucid and articulate, sometimes expressionistic, at other times hauntingly Debussyan, and on Saturday it was evanescently delivered by the MTW Ensemble under Michael Rafferty's lyrical conducting.