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Synonyms for evanescent

Synonyms for evanescent

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tending to vanish like vapor

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The intensity of evanescent wave also decays exponentially at core/cladding interface as follows [11]:
My Moon Wakes Up" is transparent and evanescent, extending an open invitation to children everywhere to follow their dreams.
In this project, we plan to explore an emerging field of quantum technologies at the boundary between atomic physics and nanoscience, by studying the properties of Bose-Einstein condensates coupled to the evanescent field of nanophotonic structures.
In sections on acoustic waves in sonic crystals, elastic waves in phononic crystals, and wave phenomena in phononic crystals, he considers such topics as scalar waves in periodic media, sonic crystals, phononic crystals for surface and plate waves, coupling acoustic and elastic waves in phononic crystals, evanescent Bloch waves, and spatial and temporal dispersion.
Taking the monotype process to radical ends, Degas explored a variety of subjects, including city dwellers in motion; harshly illuminated cafe singers, ballet dancers on and offstage, women in intimate settings; and evanescent landscapes.
Alice Parkes, John's granddaughter, whose animation Evanescent is showing at the exhibition, won her category at the regional Royal National Television Awards on Friday night and will now progress to the national award ceremony at the BFI on June 3 at London's South Bank.
That method, called total internal reflection fluorescence (TIRF), employs the evanescent wave that penetrates into a surface when light reflects off it.
The winner was once rated 108 and Evanescent evidently had a tough task off level weights.
The ruptures that surround and abound around every corner of the global landscape today recall the evanescent debris of previous catastrophes piled at the feet of the angel of history in Angelus Novus," Enwezor explained.
The one-of-a-kind exhibit, curated by Caitlin Doherty, showcases the London and Doha-based architect's 100 sketchbooks he unconsciously filled with his evanescent thoughts and ideas in a candid and personal way, over his seven-year stay in Doha.
A recent adsorption study of the chromophore on a glass surface by evanescent wave cavity ring-down spectroscopy assumed localized bonding by coulombic attraction between the dye cation and negatively charged dissociated silanol sites on the glass.
A lunar poet of the vibraphone, he's as much at home in the evanescent universe of Korean chanteuse Youn Sun Nah as he is in the spontaneous, urban slam of Anthony Joseph & the Spasm Band, contemporary post-jazz, or the thousand-year-old poetry of Mandinka music.
For a physical implementation, the complex wave modes can be equivalent to evanescent modes because the electromagnetic wave expeditiously loses its power and disappears in the waveguide.
KEYWORDS: Multiple Evanescent White Dots Syndrome (MEWDS), physical exertion, chorioretinopathy
We consider the evanescent wave transfer of the EM field scattered by an object containing subwavelength-scale details placed in front of such a planar superlens.