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Synonyms for evanesce

to pass out of sight either gradually or suddenly

Synonyms for evanesce

disappear gradually

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The earlier promises of the ICP, the Viet Minh, and the DRV to respect the cultural and political autonomy of the Thai, the Hmong, or the Dao quickly evanesced with the emergence of the new nation-state.
Even casting a postexilic glance back at his homeland, Kenzheev sees that the "state-ly" compartmentalization of time has evanesced there as well: in the "ruins of the USSR / [are] a racketeer, komsomol lad, and deacon / who've yelled 'Submit
22 "From the moment the workingmen class movement became real, the phantastic utopias evanesced, not because the working class had given up the end aimed at by these Utopists, but because they had found the real means to realize them" (Marx, first draft to The Civil War in France, cited in Elster 1985, 218).
The new aspect of this situation, however, is that in countries such as Ireland, Poland and the United States -- which have tended to be more docile to Vatican teaching -- the credibility of what the pope teaches both about social issues and sexual issues seems to have evanesced even among those who go to Mass every Sunday.
But when the Pax Americana has evanesced in a shower of petrodollars and Awacs deals, it won't be able to evoke the nostalgia that preceding empires can still command.
Here, site-specificity was emptied and turned inside out--the Giardini effectively evanesced.
For students of labor and working class history in particular, this book should rightly introduce a degree of unease both into the older materialist strand, which tends to treat rhetoric as a product of deeper causes and which has possessed a model of correct class consciousness, and into the postmodern linguistic turn, which has evanesced the ties that bind language to social, political, and economic structures and processes.
One over another I layered the sonorous names of cities; they evanesced.