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  • verb

Synonyms for evanesce

to pass out of sight either gradually or suddenly

Synonyms for evanesce

disappear gradually

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Chris Catlin, for taking the bull by the horns on Evanesce, utilising her natural speed and stealing a march on his rivals in the six-furlong maiden auction stakes
Hardy excelled at the backward glance and suffered Orpheus-like the frustrations of watching his loved one repeatedly evanesce.
dialogue composed in an antic mood, which will evanesce when Socrates
Albertanus' definition is not limited to emphasizing the necessity that knowledge should be diffused lest it evanesce, that it should be "made available to the public that it may grow and increase.
Mick Channon is never far away with his runners at Ayr and Evanesce (4.
The quick thinking of Chris Catlin had a major bearing on the victory of Evanesce in the Eddie Reavey Maiden Auction Stakes.
Mick Channon believes Hannon is the trainer to beat as the West Ilsley-based handler mounts a three-pronged attack with Tournedos (2), Bibury Flyer (4) and Evanesce (11).
No doubt they derive from The Embarkation for Cythera of Watteau, whom Boucher revered, although Watteau's amoretti evanesce into the pervasive solar mists of his background.
The intervening 175 years have not done anything to undermine de Tocqueville's thesis (other than to cause the adverb "uniquely" to evanesce as globalization takes deeper and deeper root).
Byline: By GARRY OWEN (Alan Thomson) who landed his nap Shape Up 5-2 and double Evanesce 5-1 yesterday
Indeed, there is something about the restrained immaculacy of the readings that comes to seem evasive of theory rather than productive, and the irony of the book taken in the aggregate is that it may seem to perform a kind of inversion of the phenomenon Wilner wishes to pin down: the prescriptive allegory of the book's accumulation of parts tends to evanesce rather than persist.
The stories of The Gold Diggers do not end as much as evanesce.
Usually, these racial situations--and what may have race on the surface often isn't racial at all--are flying sparks, firecrackers that flare up, make a little noise and evanesce into the ether.
Homicide is an act that is inherently wrong, and this inherent wrongness does not evanesce when the homicide is carried out by the state.
It grieved her parents to see their firstborn Evanesce from her home to go to Eastbourne Without permission .