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an authority who is able to estimate worth or quality

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Regarding for the number of photograph in this study; we used 16 pictured and showed them in Randomized and in sequential order; on opppsite to other studies which used only one picture altered it and presented it to the evaluator only in sequential order.
In the CRCC study, 15% of the respondents who were certified RCs reported employment in the job category of vocational evaluator.
Some evaluators see conflict as a natural part of relationships.
com) and serves as an independent educational evaluator, a consultant to parents and school personnel, and as an expert in various due process hearings and other legal proceedings.
Then the Treatment Evaluator provides an overview of three potentially compatible modalities, and how each may benefit a patient's lifestyle.
Thomson West further explains Case Evaluator allows litigators to:
Arguably, the most important product arising from the teamwork of phase II is the Program Evaluator Competency Model.
The ensembles participate in a welcome breakfast and orientation, a one-hour presentation conducted by a music educator, a private Disney party, a performance in a specially designed music venue and a clinic with a nationally recognized evaluator.
Fortunately, there are five key elements for a successful technical evaluation to assist the evaluator in the assessment: (1) organization, (2) preparation, (3) communication, (4) focus and (5) consolidation of the various elements into a cohesive technical analysis that is useful during negotiations.
To complete the lesson, the evaluators actively engaged in a 2-person combination team with one evaluator participating locally and the other evaluator participating remotely.
The evaluator does not have an opportunity, though, to observe the teacher in his or her actual studio teaching several different students of varying abilities and levels.
Further, if evaluator characteristics or decision domains influence evaluation processes and promote non-utility-maximizing decisions, then performance evaluation processes will not serve their intended functions.
The evaluator concluded, "I certainly would not wish upon any government representative the responsibility of confronting or dealing with any proposer who allows or perhaps promotes such attitudes or such behavior.