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an authority who is able to estimate worth or quality

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Each evaluator continually shifted attention among the computer screen, the handout, the remote camera, the instructor, the teaching assistant, and the other team member to receive visual, auditory, and tactile information.
An individual teacher could ask a colleague to evaluate the teacher and the teachers' students using the MTNA Studio Festival Program (in addition to the students' evaluations, the evaluator could complete a written/oral assessment of the teachers' work--all for an appropriate fee paid to the evaluator).
The other four evaluators commented favorably on CIS's proposal, but the unfavorable comment carried the day.
Each subject selects two additional evaluators, one who works inside his or her department and one from another section.
In consultation with professors of educational research and educational administration, the primary evaluator developed some principles to guide the evaluation to ensure as much credibility and validity as possible for the final report.
For one thing, a custody evaluator should be knowledgeable about normal child development.
To incorporate the rule of correctibility, the evaluatee should have the opportunity to offer additional information that the evaluator does not take into account.
In evaluating performance, Cherrington strongly suggests that evaluators look more closely at these "behaviorally anchored rating scales" than at arbitrary goals such as sales targets that may not be attainable due to ungovernable elements.
The criminal justice faculty can recommend candidates who could serve as a grant consultant or evaluator.
In addition to providing the 1184th Transportation Terminal Battalion with direct support, members of the 596th also served as the unit evaluators.
KnowledgePool has teamed with Insights to launch The Insights Discovery System Evaluator and Report learning style evaluator.
I have had the marvelous opportunity to be intimately engaged in the storage industry for nearly all my career: first at IBM for 16 years, next at Memorex and Storage Technology for 22 years, and now as managing partner of Evaluator Group for the past three years where we do detailed, technically competent research on 21 of the most important online storage vendors.
One such bias commonly encountered in evaluations is the "outcome effect," which is a systematic overweigh ting of outcome knowledge by the evaluator in assessing a manager's performance (Hawkins and Hastie, 1990).
And increasingly, their most successful exhibits owe as much to evaluation of visitor reactions as they do to ample budgets and careful planning, says Jeff Hayward, a 21-year veteran evaluator who directs People, Places & Design Research in Northampton, Mass.
The first difficulty that most agencies face in developing an evaluation for their programs is finding a skilled evaluator who is interested in their program.