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exercising or involving careful evaluations


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An examination of naturally occurring examples of como conditionals in spoken corpora uncovers evaluatively "negative" examples almost exclusively.
Narrativity can emerge from the experiential portrayal of dynamic event sequences which are already configured emotively and evaluatively, but it can also consist in the experiential depiction of human consciousness tout court.
However, a threatening difficulty seems to arise in the form of a possibility-range that is evaluatively "topless"--that is, which does not have some alternatives that are optimal in the sense of not being bettered by any others.
The factor analysis therefore reveals that the emotional response factor Interest is qualitatively distinct from the evaluatively charged response Dislike, which constitutes a measure of positive or negative emotional valence.
On this basis, the issue that is evaluatively pivotal for those philosophical principles is that of the aim and mission of philosophizing.
However, a threatening difficulty seems to arise in the form of a possibility range that is evaluatively topless--that is, which does not have some alternatives that are optimal in the sense of not being bettered by any other.
The latter course is less to teach them classical fiqh of mu'amalah--which they must already know--but to help them to be able to evaluatively understand and discern what is really going on in IBF and in modern economics and finance, and the kind of perverse and deceptive language games governing them.
Taylor, "Plato on Rationality and Happiness," 232 thinks that because bodily appetites are distinct from reason that these appetites must be "conceived as evaluatively blind animal urges.
In short, there is a difficulty, if not failure, to bring religious insights to bear evaluatively upon the contemporary economic challenges that confront individuals and communities as well as the society at large on a daily basis.
2) In line with this research effort, and building on the hypotheses advanced in my "The Reader's Virtual Body," this article seeks to show that, in some scenarios, narrative space does take on an added importance, guiding readers' responses by "tingeing" emotionally and evaluatively their engagement with the narrative text.
Higher levels of paternal cognitions, which signal an ability to think descriptively, analytically and evaluatively about the family and their role in it, were highly related to fathers' involvement in the family.
The first is the concept of victimization at work; the second is something else--perhaps mercy for a reasonable loss of self-control (as Hart would have it (136)) or an evaluatively laden judgment of virtuous emotion (as Kahan and Nussbaum argue (l37)).
The problem Rand's theory faces in this respect is similar to the problem hedonists face in seeking evaluatively to differentiate between "valuable" and "disvaluable" pleasures.
Process use includes: a) infusing evaluative thinking into organizational culture, that is, building evaluation capacity, b) thinking evaluatively in practice, and c) using evaluation to enhance shared understandings (Patton).
that is designed to help nonprofits "think evaluatively and use evaluation in a strategic way.