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Synonyms for evaluative

exercising or involving careful evaluations


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The four evaluative dimensions that should be used are 1) the number of curricular aims assessed, 2) the clarity of assessment targets, 3) the number of items per assessed curricular aim, and 4) the instructional sensitivity of items.
Evaluative templates using symbols or words to depict performance that varied from the State average by at least one standard deviation.
None of these projects could meet Mount's criteria for a new evaluative criticism in a literary critical climate increasingly dominated by cultural studies and cultural history.
Ontario's mosaic of children's treatment services, Dick P, Kavanagh L, Spalding K, McKeever R Institute for Clinical Evaluative Services, Toronto www.
Searching methods by health information searchers are primarily geared toward rapidly finding an information resource while overlooking evaluative content.
If we compare the writings of the founders of social science in the eighteenth and early nineteenth century with contemporary social research, the former are strikingly judgmental or evaluative about the practices they seek to explain.
Evaluative reports are prepared by mental health professionals, such as counsellors, social workers and psychologists, and include the interviewers' opinions about the strength and consistency of the child's views, or about the likelihood that the child's expressed views reflect the child's actual views.
Creation of an evaluative study of the experiment of simplifying service delivery for Family branch of the general scheme of Social Security in fields of childhood and youth.
The field of evaluative morphology is a relatively new one, basically inspired by Scalise's idea of 'third morphology' (1984).
When organizations implement an evaluative performance appraisal, employees perceive that their relationship with the organization is a type of economic-interest exchange relationship.
The company is an affiliate of MedSource National, a provider of medical evaluative and managed care services to the insurance claims industry.
If concepts like COURAGEOUS, KIND, LEWD, OPPRESSIVE and so on are not inherently evaluative, then the most plausible moral explanations Cornell realists have offered cannot do the work they are meant to.
Evaluative (expressive morphology) has remained a problematic and challenging area of research ever since it was emancipated as different from plain morphology (Scalise 1984).
The genealogical method helps to identify evaluative terms, uncover implicit assumptions, and open possibilities for creative metaphors.
The framework is an attempt to illustrate Web users' online searching behaviors, including their evaluative standards and information search strategies on the Internet.