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Synonyms for evaluative

exercising or involving careful evaluations


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Additionally, those programs that allocated more resources to the assessment process also tended to provide higher ratings regarding their program's success in addressing the evaluative standards.
Improving health care data in Ontario, Institute for Clinical Evaluative Services, Toronto.
Searching methods by health information searchers are primarily geared toward rapidly finding an information resource while overlooking evaluative content.
Counselors who serve as supervisors are often uncomfortable with their evaluative roles because they were trained first in the more nonjudgmental role of counselor (Bernard & Goodyear, 1998).
A common way of using the contrasting pairs is the following: Abstract / concrete cuts across goodness and other evaluative properties, so that goodness and pleasantness are abstract properties, whereas the resort's goodness and its pleasantness are concrete instantiations of those.
His annotations (wisely) are descriptive rather than evaluative, and his preface not only briefly mentions recent trends but also specifies future needs.
Associations can begin asking evaluative questions at the most basic times: when we meet.
But evaluative futility, on Rubin's account, is already widely discredited; her real target is physiological futility.
This study attempts to answer these questions by analyzing the value profiles of future American business executives and relating their evaluative attitudes to their ethical orientations.
A national advisory body should be established to oversee evaluative outcomes research on important new technologies.
Finally, the evaluative phase necessitates knowing what, when, and how to evaluate, and structuring the report.
The author cautions that the work is meant to be descriptive rather than evaluative, and while Saffady's writing style is always highly readable, reporting on percentages of responses can get repetitive, and a bit confusing in places--the discussion of consultant recommendations for functional vs.
By embracing evidence-based practice, you will promote an evaluative and critical culture among staff members.
Other noncore operations such as accounting and investment management will be familiar to the acquiring institutions, requiring little in terms of evaluative assistance.
While the term `fundamentalism' itself is controversial, nevertheless it has become part of the terminology of the literature on Islamic thought and can safely be used as a descriptive -- but not necessarily evaluative -- term for Islamic movements that seek to establish the Islamic state.