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The course instructor modeled effective revision strategies by verbally evaluating the strengths and limitations inherent in student reports.
ThromboGenics is evaluating microplasmin for a range of thrombotic diseases including stroke and peripheral vascular occlusion.
Developing an effective performance benchmark for managers of life insurance assets is not only possible, but it is also an invaluable exercise for the successful and prudent management of a life insurance company But creating effective benchmarks for evaluating performance and creating the appropriate incentives for asset managers can be a complex exercise for a life insurance company.
Similar questions exist concerning the prohibition on using tax enforcement results in evaluating performance.
Use historical data to construct sound historical interpretations by asking historical questions, evaluating data, and analyzing different points of view.
5] value from the Mooney scorch when evaluating an inhibited coagent versus its standard counterpart.
Evaluating international transactions, however, demands special procedures that take account of "country exposure"--that is, the amount of lending to a country--and of "country risk"--that is, the possibility that adverse economic, social, or political developments in a country may prevent that country, its businesses, and other local borrowers from making timely payment of interest or principal to creditors in other countries.
New Toolkit Provides Necessary Criteria for Evaluating Sales ROI
and Europe are actively evaluating TRCs in the repair of severe non-union fractures, where preliminary results have demonstrated both safety and bone growth success.
This assignment gives students experience searching for and evaluating sources independently before working with their group.
Providing a quality casting surface finish is only part of the necessary criteria when evaluating refractory coatings.
The EPA's current method for evaluating these effects is the multigenerational reproduction study, in which animals are exposed at critical periods of sexual differentiation and their second-generation offspring evaluated at 21 days after birth.
We conclude that serial dilution quantitative intradermal testi ng is safe and that quantification of skin reactivity in evaluating and treating allergic rhinitis with immunotherapy is completely effective in the vast majority of patients.
Evaluating cost and efforts focused on cost containment are important, but patient care needs and interests must be considered on an equal basis.
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