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a person who has been evacuated from a dangerous place

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He said evacuees waiting for homes weren't consulted or notified that their homes were being built until late October when construction had already began.
Chairman Robert Pue said: "The railway that carried those evacuees was closed in 1950 and the route now forms the Comber Greenway, so unfortunately in 2015 'evacuees' will have to walk.
Sudanese evacuees from Yemen arrive at Khartoum International Airport, April 9, 2015.
Nik Omar Nik Abdul Rahman, Kelantan's State Social Welfare Department director, said the flood victims from 36,128 families were housed at 309 relief centers in eight districts with Kota Baharu district still has the highest number of flood evacuees at 44,061.
Request for Information are invited for Evacuee Tracking System
The girls from Church High and Central High - which are set to merge to form Newcastle School for Girls later this year - took part in a special wartime picnic where they dressed as evacuees, sampled similar foods to those eaten during World War II and had the opportunity to view some items from the archives such as ration books and a gas mask.
Jill Brown, Head of Church High junior school said: "In 1939, 50 Church High girls were evacuated to Alnwick Castle during World War II and we felt it was important to host our own Evacuee Day, to give our girls an insight into their own history.
Another evacuee, Abu Jalal Tilawi, said that he had been forced to kill and eat cats out of starvation.
She stayed at a disaster shelter with family members and other evacuees on March 12-15 (3 days) and then moved to her daughter's home.
Chapter five analyzes the evacuees' experiences during their transport, while chapters six and seven detail how evacuees in Tashkent, the city that perhaps most exemplified the resettlement, survived and participated in the war.
Spearheaded by the national Evacuees Reunion Association, the memorial has been designed by Dutch artist and sculptor Maurice Blik and features a line of children holding hands.
Recreation Division provided support to evacuees of recent area wildfires at a disco-themed skate session at the Genoveva Chavez Community Center Ice Arena.
For a post like Tunis, where the authorized departure in January lasted just 10 days and most evacuees stayed in Rabat, FLO's role was pretty straightforward, but for a post the size of Cairo, FLO has taken on a bigger role to support evacuees and employees who remained at post.
Summary: DUBAI - Dubai has acted as the safe and comfortable transit point for almost 4,000 evacuees of various nationalities from Libya since March 1.
Pupils dressed up as wartime evacuees, and had a visit by volunteers of the Allied Forces Movement Control Northern Command re-enacters, from Pickering.