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a person who has been evacuated from a dangerous place

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According to details, Imran Arif Janjua has assumed the charge of deputy administrator zonal officer and deputy administrator district Evacuee Trust Property Board Rawalpindi.
GIRLS from two Newcastle schools have stepped back in time as they learnt about evacuees in wartime.
Mr Barber was reunited with an evacuee pal, the late Tom Lodge, 89, at Mr Lodge's Salendine Nook home in 2010.
Most of the volume draws upon considerable anecdotal evidence from evacuees and their families as well as the host families in the reception areas.
WAR LESSONS: Austin Weeden dressed as an evacuee with Col Ivan Baker, and some of the Ingleby Greenhow pupils during an Army drill, bottom Pictures by DOUG MOODY ATTENTION: Pupils join in the Second World War day
Muhammad Abdu, another evacuee, said he sent his 10-member family to a place safely away from the center of action and they were now staying with relatives.
No mention was made either of the horrific physical and sexual abuse suffered by some of the evacuee children at the hands of their foster carers.
Michael Moore with his evacuee tag WWII evacuees leave St Paul''s Cathedral after a service commemorating the 70th anniversary of the first children to be evacuated
Year 6 are terribly excited to experience a little of the life of an evacuee, even if it's just for a day
However, the broader definition, based on the county to which the evacuee returned, is the one that is primarily used in the comparisons of the demographic characteristics and labor market status of those who returned and those who did not.
Compared with all 213,150 service members who returned from the two war zones during the time studied, service members 18-20 years of age had 25 times the relative risk of leaving as a psychiatric evacuee.
Camp Hoblitzelle developed an intake form for each evacuee.
To assess evacuee needs for clinical care, public health services, and housing assistance, the San Antonio Metropolitan Health District (Metro Health) requested CDC assistance to conduct a needs assessment of heads of households in the ECs.
More good news came at the end of September, when DCF received approval from the federal government to provide nearly 300 evacuee families with emergency cash assistance, a one-time payment, totaling close to $400,000.
SIXTY-FIVE years ago evacuee Peter Smith said goodbye to wartime Liverpool and made a new home in rural Wales.