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Synonyms for evacuation



Synonyms for evacuation

the act or process of discharging bodily wastes or foreign substances

Synonyms for evacuation

the act of removing the contents of something

the act of evacuating

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Another naval evacuation is planned for tomorrow from the port city of \"Al Hudeida\" for around?
This is a crucial aspect of evacuation planning that will make the difference between life and death for facility occupants.
What's important here is that when dealing with evacuations, it's not a post you're evacuating, it's people," explained Andrew Burton, a post management officer in NEA-SCA/EX.
For the last ten years, IOM has provided support to the Haitian Civil Protection (DPC) and other government offices to strengthen their emergency preparedness and response capacity, including the continued development of the mass evacuation system.
Aeromedical evacuation has been a staple in the patient care pathway since the US Army Air Corps began evacuating patients from North Africa during World War II, when Army Nurses first began escorting patients through the "chain of evacuation.
This Web-based training is free of charge and provides an overview of evacuation planning topics and key considerations.
Since then, he said, cities have been able to clarify and refine their storm plans - allowing for more controlled evacuations, like the ones completed during Ike, and for greater confidence in the success of future similar events.
We will continue to work toward our goal of being a model for best practices in weather-related evacuations and to always keep the welfare of our youths, our staff and their families at the forefront of our efforts.
As Manley states, "In a real sense, the story of the evacuation is a story of privileged people and privileged places, categories that often overlapped (p.
Pandya told AFP that since Monday, the agency has been able only to pay for the evacuation of 20 people a day.
Philippine President Noynoy Aquino ordered the evacuation as more families of Filipino workers across Libya reported rampant thefts, including company vehicles, which might later make it difficult for them to move to safer grounds.
The evacuation guide distinguishes between "pre-event evacuations"-which are undertaken in advance of an impending disaster, such as a storm, when the hospital structure and surrounding environment are not yet significantly compromised-and "post-event evacuations," which are carried out after a disaster has damaged a hospital or the surrounding community.
Alternatively, with good training and stringent controls for emergency evacuations, it may be possible to limit the use of elevators to those who cannot exit down many flights of stairs or for those injured during the incident.
They found that the majority of emergency plans for large, urban areas are only "partially sufficient" in describing how evacuations would successfully be carried out, and few focus on the role of public transit in evacuations.
Since 1988, the Department of State (State) has ordered over 270 evacuations from overseas posts due to civil strife, terrorist incidents, natural disasters, conventional war threats, and disease outbreaks.