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(ecology) of a lake or other body of water rich in nutrients and subject to eutrophication

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Effects of nutrient improverishment on phytoplankton biomass: a mesocosms experimental approach in a shallow eutrophic reservoir (Garcas Pond), Sao Paulo, southeast Brazil.
The assessment of trophic parameters indicate an eutrophic status of this water body based on the results for water transparency (TSI = 62), concentration of TN (TSI = 56) and chlorophyll a (TSI = 58) (Carlson 1977; Kratzer & Brezonik 1981).
Trophic boundaries proposed by EPA (2000) for phytoplankton in rivers and streams are 10 [micro]g/L CHLA for the oligotrophic to mesotrophic boundary and 30 [micro]g/L for the mesotrophic to eutrophic boundary.
2001b) attribute the dominance of oscillatorean cyanobacteria (Planktothrix agardhii, Pseudanabaena limnetica, Planktolyngbya) to considerably eutrophic or hypereutrophic conditions.
The lake was in a classic eutrophic ("well-nourished") condition.
The organisms are normal flora for an eutrophic aquatic ecosystem, but with the extended warm weather and lack of rain, their exponential growth has resulted in a bloom, the statement said.
This release sustains the highly eutrophic condition of the ecosystem (Naldi and Viaroli, 2002).
Other mosquito species can benefit from drought conditions such as when streams dry up and pools more suitable for oviposition form in riverbeds, or when standing waters become eutrophic with increased organic content, which provides additional food for mosquito larvae.
Incidentally, the carbonate content is the reason for the eutrophic character of the Pseudogley in our region (Reuter 1960), quite in contrast to the Pseudogleys in carbonate-free substrates, for example in Saxony, which were identified earlier (Krauss 1928).
While generally found in lowland eutrophic waters, carp are plentiful in deep, clear highland lakes and reservoirs, too.
The types of algal species present in the lakes supported what is typically seen in temperate eutrophic communities.
Slightly or moderately eutrophic water is good be cause it supports a complex web of plant and animal life.
Eutrophic conditions ranged from phytoplankton dominated communities to predominately macrophyte communities.
Lakes Vesijarvi and Tuusulanjarvi and the Porvoonjoki River are clearly eutrophic.