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The control samples assembled with Sn/Pb eutectic alloy solder paste experienced thermal shock failures earlier than those with lead-free solder paste, indicating superior performance of mixed technology lead-free assemblies.
0002 alpha particles/hour/cm2 compared to more than 1 alpha particle/hour/cm2 for the standard eutectic alloy.
4]V, commercially pure titanium and titanium-aluminum eutectic alloy castings, but nickel-base alloys such as IN 718 also are compatible with the process.
The eutectic alloy composition exercised the most sensitivity to variations in foundry practice, with mold and metal temperatures found to be important, as well as depth of cut and gas level.
Since 1978, some European foundries have used antimony (Sb) to produce a permanently refined Al-Si eutectic alloy for the production of certain automotive castings, including wheels, brake master cylinders, connecting rods, suspension arms and brake calipers.
Among his topics are solid solutions and phase transformations, eutectic alloy systems, intermediate phases, gas-metal systems, and applications.
Eutectic fixed-point cells, based on metal-carbon eutectic alloys, could be used as adequate transfer standards for the dissemination of temperatures at temperatures above 1000[degrees]C.
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