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level of the ocean's surface (especially that halfway between mean high and low tide)

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The topics include the response of Mobile Bay and eastern Mississippi Sound in Alabama to changes in sediment accommodation and accumulation; the interplay of eustasy, antecedent topography, and sediment supply variations at Sabine Lake in Texas and Louisiana; and mechanisms of environmental change in Corpus Christi Bay, Texas.
Eustasy influenced the marine redox conditions through changes in water depth or indirectly by shaping the basin and delimiting its areal extent.
The significance of large sediment supply, active tectonism, and eustasy on margin sequence development: Late Quaternary stratigraphy and evolution of the Ganges-Brahamaputra delta.
Continental depositional systems evolve in response to changes in eustasy, tectonics, sediment supply, and paleoclimate (Zeuner 1959; Butcher 1990; Evans and Terry 1994).
Various workers have indicated that the interbasin correlation of third-order sea-level cycles implies eustasy.
He then details the ideas of Robert Hooke, James Hutton, and Charles Lyell, and the historical development of concepts involving the Earth's landscape, the solar system, glaciation, cycles in the strata, sequence stratigraphy and eustasy, the geomagnetic time scale, and geochemical cycling.