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the interpretation in harmonious bodily movements of the rhythm of musical compositions

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Ate pth oa ANNIE Lennox has been teasing her old Eurythmics pal Dave Stewart by joking that he's the spitting image of a 17th century Scottish aristocrat.
Their recreation consists of long mountain walks, cycling, tennis, archery, vigoro, organised games and Eurythmics and Classical Dancing under their teacher from Pjelke-Petersen studios (sic).
The 1966 Caulfield and Melbourne Cup winner Galilee, a New Zealand-bred, was also honoured, as were 1932 and 1934 Cox Plate winner Chatham, eminent sprinter-miler Todman and Eurythmic who won the 1920 Caulfield Cup, Sydney Cup and C B Fisher Plate.
On Thursday night at former Eurythmic star Dave Stewart's party in Covent Garden Dash stormed: "Telstar are f***ing retarded.
Appleton also moved to nail speculation that the single, to be produced by the film's director, Eurythmic Dave Stewart, means All Saints are about to split.
There's some good music at a nearby blues joint (former Eurythmic Dave Stewart provided the unobtrusive, rootsy score), something is kind of said about race relations in the New South, fun is made of Oscar Wilde, and fish-catching techniques are discussed at length.
Guests at the 45-minute ceremony included Mick's old Rolling Stones mate Ronnie Wood and former Eurythmic Dave Stewart.
The new album, her first album of new material in a decade, was co-produced by former Eurythmic Dave Stewart and Glen Ballard.
Stewart, whose hits with fellow Eurythmic Annie Lennox included Sweet Dreams, Who's That Girl?
Gary went on to work for Eurythmic Dave Stewart's record label Artist Network and later headed to America to work at a legendary New Jersey studio and lived in Frank Sinatra's old house.
The Culture Company has lined up Ringo Starr, former Eurythmic Dave Stewart, Ian Broudie, of Lightning Seeds fame, musician Pete Wylie, and Echo and the Bunnymen, to star in the musical.
Noel Gallagher, of Oasis, had singled out the former Eurythmic when he led the attacks on Sir Bob's global gig coinciding with the G8 world leaders' Scottish summit.
Former Eurythmic Annie Lennox appealed to the world leaders to pay attention.
As lithe and rangy as she was in her days as a Eurythmic, the diminutive singer injected a palpable sense of drama -- but not a shred of melodrama -- into a set that saw her coax glowing embers into the full-fledged conflagration of "Missionary Man" and "Walking on Broken Glass.