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the basic monetary unit of most members of the European Union (introduced in 1999)

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In the late weeks of 2007 short-term interest rates extending over the year-end (into Stage 2) could become highly volatile and reach large positive or negative levels--depending on expectations regarding the opening level of the pound against the euro.
And while all this high-tech wizardry supposedly makes the euro the state-of-art currency, it somehow undermines the one thing a bill or a coin is supposed to do: inspire confidence in the governments that issue it.
Many European qualified business units (QBUs) may be unable to completely convert their accounting systems to accept the euro before 2002 and, thus, may be required to keep two sets of books during the transition period.
With the euro will come the initiation of a monetary conversion system called "triangulation.
Centralized liquidity is likely to be another important benefit of the euro, allowing a company to consolidate cash positions in different countries into a single net cash position.
Since its victory in 1997, Labour's official line on the euro has been that the government would never force the European common currency on its citizenry; it would let the voters decide via a national referendum, to be announced at a later date.
Our policy is to prepare now for possible entry to the single currency in the future, ensuring rapid euro adoption if the final decision is to go ahead, as well as UK-based businesses are aware of the consequences of the euro's introduction.
In its first working day Monday, the euro is expected to trade at about $1.
5 million receivable from EURO and a residual participation right payable by EURO, based on gold production from IAMGold's Gross Rosebel Mine.
Neither the majority of Europeans nor critical outside observers appear to be fully aware of the historical, political and economic dimensions of the euro project.
OI: It is true that the weakness of the euro is puzzling when one gauges it against fundamental economic facts and economic reasoning.
He was warning that, before euro notes and coins become legal tender for ordinary people in January, 2002, the German people may decide that they do not want to give up their beloved Deutsche mark.