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the interpretation in harmonious bodily movements of the rhythm of musical compositions

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Why not have workshops on health, exercise, eurhythmy and true Olympism?
Yoga, massage, healing eurhythmy, stress and vitality management, cycling and running as well as singing in a choir are just some examples of the whole programme.
Earliest procedural animation of flocks of virtual birds called Eurhythmy was developed from concept that was presented at The Electronic Theater at SIGGRAPH in 1985 and the final version was presented at Ars Electronica in 1989 [7].
Harmonic balance, dynamism, and eurhythmy are essential to the modern aesthetics that Baudelaire praises here.
But perhaps most architecturally visible, every Waldorf school centres on a theatre, a community centre where every pupil can learn to perform some music, a recitation, dance, drama, or the special Steiner practice of eurhythmy.
Rather they spoke of eurhythmy, where the prefix eu- designates "good" or "successful" Remarkably, Scruton's allegedly comprehensive treatise sheds almost no light on this deeper question.