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the interpretation in harmonious bodily movements of the rhythm of musical compositions

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Why not have workshops on health, exercise, eurhythmy and true Olympism?
Ambitions grew, and funding was found to create a new building of two storeys, with five classrooms and a slightly larger eurhythmy room.
The greater size of the eurhythmy room, and the placing of main entrance and stair opposite it in plan, produce a dominant east-west axis, the main axis of symmetry.
Rather they spoke of eurhythmy, where the prefix eu- designates "good" or "successful" Remarkably, Scruton's allegedly comprehensive treatise sheds almost no light on this deeper question.
The more important rooms - the eurhythmy room and main music room, for example - are generally more regular and symmetrical, while ancillary and storage rooms are tucked into left-over corners, so there is a legible hierarchy of formality.