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But while Wigan's travelling fans celebrated euphorically there were no champagne corks popping for the players.
Albania as a NATO member-state has mechanism to oppose the Serbian institutional policy but I have the feeling that the political factor in the region acts euphorically and not rationally.
That also means that they must not carelessly or even euphorically grasp any attractive technical novelty appearing on the horizon.
Moya's euphorically sweet vocals carry this pop–soul tune right through to its end.
There's two explanations: Either the asset markets are sure [conservative pro-bailout party leader] Samaras will be victorious, or they want to euphorically show something that is not true, so that people think the markets are happy with Samaras.
We are not euphorically optimistic, but we are optimistic that we have clearly hit the bottom, where in '10 we still were going down, wondering where the bottom of the pool was and wiggling our toes.
Supporting the commonality hypothesis as proposed herein, it is of interest that because of the mechanism of action of naltrexone in the reward center, this substance has been shown to suppress a euphorically compulsive and interpersonally devastating addiction to Internet pornography (Bostwick & Bucci 2008).
For a day (and sometimes only for a few hours), financial markets rally euphorically.
In this way, it has become certain that the stream will not cross Macedonia although the Government announced this euphorically last year.
However, there is another part of the population that euphorically and emotionally salute this visit.
Three acts proceeded to euphorically bomb into the water to show their "wackiness".
While Makak views whiteness both euphorically and dysphorically, his business partner Moustique clearly views it as an onus and sees it as a subaltern notion that is meant merely to subjugate those that it commodifies.
The entire country is celebrating these days and is euphorically driving pleasure from the present situation.
Over on the South Stage, the Chemical Brothers were received euphorically with chart blockbusters such as Block Rocking Beats.
Over on the South Stage, the Chemical Brothers were received euphorically, smashing it up with chart blockbusters such as Block Rocking Beats.