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Synonyms for euphoric

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exaggerated feeling of well-being or elation

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Anything above 200mg will cause a massive euphoric effect,'' he added.
Distribution of patients according to duration of euphoric symptoms in patients who shown positive results in previous tables.
However, manic episodes were a predictor of psychosis and euphoric mania (factors 1 and 2), and mixed episodes were associated with mixity (factor 3).
Opposite of this, Jeton Shasivari says that the Government is still euphoric after the EC recommendation.
The market was euphoric," said Rupa Rege Nitsure, the chief economist with Bank of Baroda.
Experience chocolate and discover the difference among Euphoric Indulgence, Sweet Serenity, Pure Rapture, and Chocolate for the Vine.
In this sprawling, bliss-induced escape from reality, singer Jonas Bjerre's dreamlike musings hover over a euphoric soundscape as in the opener, ``Am I Wry?
Eg: "Please give a welcome of incontinently euphoric proportions.
This fits with induced drug tolerance, in which an addict becomes less sensitive to the euphoric effects of a drug over time, requiring increasing doses to achieve equal effect.
Burn, the group's fourth full-length studio effort, is punctuated by big euphoric blasts of brass, courtesy of horn player Watson, and the dreamy orchestral swells of the Philadelphia Studio Strings.
However, the euphoric trio soon finds MORE THAN THEY COULD CHEW when someone will kill to possess the database.
Young people with pierced tongues dance in the street, euphoric on drugs, and sleep them off in an apartment.
The 28-year-old mechanic, known to his friends as Smiler, was partying with thousands of other euphoric supporters in Lisbon before a pickpocket stabbed him in the heart.
Sometimes everything comes together to make a euphoric, ecstatic program; sometimes the result is a mixed bag.
West Ham are euphoric, but they got battered for 45 minutes.