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a psychoactive drug that tends to produce elation and euphoria

tending to produce euphoria

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18 are not euphoriant, and if present almost always occur only in small concentrations.
The target group for consumption rooms were those over 18 years old "who are strongly addicted as a consequence of a long term and persistent abuse of euphoriant drugs" (L 185/2012, [section] 3b).
Whether the reduced risk of heroin use with higher NTX levels represents a direct, pharmacological anti-craving effect or an essentially cognitive, psychological response to the lack of euphoriant effects when these patients tested out the opiate blockade early in treatment (or both) is a matter of both practical and theoretical importance.
A bottle of the low-calorie beverage contains caffeine comparable to coffee and energy drinks; however, the caffeine is balanced by mate's content of theobromine (the euphoriant in chocolate), another stimulant named theophylline and pantothenic acid, which prevents over stimulation of the nervous system.
Abuse of anticholinergic drugs was first reported in 1960 with the description of a patient who increased her trihexyphenidyl to achieve antidepressant and euphoriant effects (Bolin 1960).
This mild but addicting euphoriant is consumed in a variety of ways (including as a dessert food) in India, Pakistan, Taiwan and elsewhere in Asia.
Perhaps, over time, people for whom food is the euphoriant also require larger doses to achieve satisfaction.
Applications: euphoriant cosmetic concepts, anti-aging, bodyshaping
The limitations mentioned in the Clinical inquiry included nonrandom and nonrepresentative sampling methods, tramadol abuse likely suppressed by presence of more potent euphoriant in the studied addiction communities, and the low return rates of surveys from substance abuse experts.
a sedative with a euphoriant effect, which, we are told, was given to her by Polydamna of Egypt:
delta, eta, phi, san = pheasant-tailed (W2) eta, mu, rho, san = athermanous eta, nu, pi, rho = euphoriant eta, nu, psi, rho = euphoriants eta, nu, rho, san = anantherous (W2) eta, pi, rho, san = Phanariotes (W2), Shaitanpore (Mare) eta, psi, rho, san = Aristophanes (RHD)
In 1990, he was arrested for "huffing" (using euphoriant inhalants) after police found him in possession of gold paint in a plastic bag.