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Synonyms for euphorbium

an acrid brown gum resin now used mainly in veterinary medicine

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recommends Heel's Euphorbium Sinus Relief(TM) nasal spray (also sold as Sinusin(TM)) for all ages, including infants.
It would also be a good idea for you to use Euphorbium Nasal Spray, one squirt up each nostril, twice a day, to help with the streaming nose and bouts of sneezing.
Euphorbium Comp can bring tremendous relief and is available in tincture form to be taken at a dose of 20 drops twice daily or as a nasal spray, one squirt up each nostril again twice daily.
AFROM the symptoms you describe, I feel you suffer from rhinitis and this can be helped by using the nose spray Euphorbium Nose Spray, twice a day, one squirt to each nostril.
Euphorbium Comp drops and nasal spray can help clear the passages.