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Stanford, The Sound of Greek: Studies in the Greek Theory and Practice of Euphony (Berkeley/Los Angeles: University of California Press, 1967), 1-26.
n'a rien a craindre"; you can hear the engine and the engine of Vincent's misguided ecstasy (Linda Asher, in her English translation, creates euphony with the "h" alliteration and, in the last sentence, the "f' alliteration).
And in answering this question, we need not speculate, because we've been told repeatedly by Confederate leaders: "We have now placed our domestic institution, and secured its rights unmistakably, in the Constitution; we have sought by no euphony to hide its name--we have called our negros 'slaves,' and we have recognized and protected them as persons and our rights to them as property.
The Middle English component presents a more widespread diffusion of the toinfinitive regardless of the morphology of the verb, with the only exception of the infinitive form (to make), plausibly as an attempt to avoid the euphony, "two to's [sic] being felt as repetitive" (Kjellmer 1985, 159; also Aitchison 1994, 25-27).
These rules are not absolute and must be checked and verified by word, spelling, and euphony.
While the economy and peculiar euphony of Hebrew may be out of reach, I found it hard to justify the introduction of the word "enrapture" ("and eyes to enrapture light") in the stanza's concluding line.
This essay began with the resistance that many humans have felt to including themselves in that category and, although I feel no such resistance, my uneasy alternation between 'other animals' and 'animals' in this discussion, mostly on grounds of euphony, suggests that to some extent the problem is embedded in the language itself.
Although many of the "Gay Chaps" sonnets are in loose iambic pentameter, the meter of the second quatrain here is decidedly regular, sounding the untroubled euphony of that "room.
Backsheider is also helpful to the beginning biographer when discussing the difficulty of producing prose that goes beyond mere description, and instead provides the kind of euphony that will keep the reader digging deeper into the individual life and the time and culture occupied by the subject.
This is less a matter of succumbing to the bawds of euphony than it is of appreciating the extent to which, in Stevens's poetry, music becomes a mode of thinking as well as a mode of revealing desire: "Poetry is, for Stevens as for Valery, a means of demonstrating, at once, the limitations of philosophy and the promises of musical-poetic language as a response to and even a means of resolving his philosophic questions" (81).
The kind of chance encounters with which Bruegel's paintings are suffused--the same sort of encounters one finds in Dickens's novels and in real life--lend the film's motivic notes a tenor of providential euphony.
Facing the Latin and Greek poems are English translations in "free but patterned" verse (vii) that accomplish well the authors' stated aims of reflecting the sense, tone, diction and euphony of the originals.
The potential for Audacious Euphony to spark active discussion lies in Cohn's request for readers "to suspend some overlearned habits" regarding the pedagogy of most North American music theory textbooks (p.
Producers Euphony (Vaughn Russillo) and Soul Controller (Jon Gogel) are responsible for crafting the beats that Mr.