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With Euphony and Talk, you use your phone in the normal way, but calls are re-routed by a small box that plugs into the phone socket.
Heinle, who was known as the team jokester at CSUN, said he'll return to Los Angeles to play in summer leagues after Euphony Liege is done in the playoffs.
Lancel has distinguished between the supposed lexical Africitas identified by nineteenth-century scholars and the tendency of writers from Roman North Africa to a high rhetorical style with exuberance and euphony as its main features, (51) which fits well Juvenal's quip that Africa is the nutricula causidicorum (7.
such a flavor of persistent euphony, as ofa rich river that never foamed or ran thin, but steadily and firmly proceeded with its banks full to the brim.
Soft voices whisper place names and dates, invoking memory and history just as the choreography suggests the euphony of physical connections, of reasons for momentum and impetus.
More than half of the 14 teams were entered by event sponsors, telecom company Euphony, which will donate more than pounds 100,000 to Sparks this year.
Competitor Vivao Plc, which yesterday emerged as the technology provider behind UM offerings from telecoms carrier Euphony Plc and e-commerce darling Jungle.
67) Paul probably uses the ambiguous term dikaioma not simply for purposes of euphony, but to hold together the double aspect of the Christ event.
We can't miss the black comedy of juxtaposing homey English chestnuts with the nameless, witch-tainted evil that lurks in the euphony of AAHL-LEP-PO; but I, confusingly, find it difficult to divorce the Aleppo of the "malignant and turban'd Turk" from its munchable pistachios.
To be perfectly honest, Don Pichler sends this recipe from Albuquerque, but the alliteration in Santa Fe Schnitzel is irresistible in its euphony.
Few New Zealand writers handled open form with as much subtlety and euphony, or sustained an image with as much intense logic, as Lonie was able to do at his best, and he seldom allowed a poem to appear in print that fell even marginally short of his own exacting standards.
At the same time, tile author is deeply interested in how Christians have projected an aural identity at the opposite pole from Jewish "noise," characterized by those values (balance, euphony.
45pm Handball World Championships: Sao Paulo 2pm Volleyball CEV: Zenit Kazan v Euphony Asse-Lennik 2pm Volleyball CEV: Azerrail Baku v Vakifbank Telekom Istanbul 4pm Volleyball CEV: Dinamo Moscow v Crvena Zvezda Belgrade 4.
the planetary euphony displaced by earth heaven and sea from the
What [Swinburne's] poetry demonstrates," Anderson argues, "is how not even the most consummate control, entrancing euphony and striking metrical mastery can conceal what is everywhere revealed: the vanishing of the word into itself, the void" (p.