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a bass horn (brass wind instrument) that is the tenor of the tuba family

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A shipping agent, Codieck said he enjoys playing the euphonium and the larger tuba because of their unique sounds.
Low brass instruments like the tuba and euphonium play an important role in music, Codieck said, but they often are overlooked in favor of trumpets and other high brass instruments that are featured in solos.
Playing in a band composed of tuba, euphonium and tenor tuba players gives him and other low brass musicians a chance to standout, Codieck said.
Performers at the concert included Dave Thornton - principal euphonium player with the renowned Black Dyke Band - and Leslie Niche, who is a recent graduate from the Royal Northern College of Music.
He said: ``This new rule about euphoniums has been imposed on the BBC by ageing Eurocrats who have instead brought in the button accordion and the mandolin.
A WORLD-RENOWNED musician is taking on the BBC because young euphonium players have been banned from a prestigious contest.
Steven Mead, who is ranked as the number one euphonium player in the world, is furious that his instrument - the tenor version of the tuba - has been dropped from the Young Musician of the Year competition.