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  • adj

Synonyms for euphonious

resembling or having the effect of music, especially pleasing music

Synonyms for euphonious

having a pleasant sound

(of speech or dialect) pleasing in sound

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Under conductor Giacomo Sagripanti, the orchestra was an effervescent accompanist to the singers and chorus, the latter especially euphonious in its moments of onstage glory.
1934) (defining "property" as "a euphonious collocation of letters which serves as a general term for the miscellany of equities that persons hold in the commonwealth"); see also Radin, supra note 70, at 1149-51.
There is musicianship in abundance, great songs, plentiful harmonies and, of course, that enduringly euphonious Matthews voice to the fore.
The instructor begins to sing in Portuguese, his euphonious voice, the drum music, and the students' swaying movements falling into synchronicity.
All these forays have been sugar-coated with euphonious anti-colonial verbiage that China was not a colonial power in Africa.
Small feet were often associated with the euphonious term, golden lotus (Feng, 1994).
In his memoirs, Mitchell stated it was both "appropriate and euphonious.
With higher sensitivity and imagination, the poet weaves these experiences into the elevated and euphonious language of poetry.
From England's Glastonbury to America's Summerfest and hundreds, if not thousands, of local festivals, the trend is cutting across every nation to produce the most euphonious summer yet.
Thanks to Moe Tucker-style drums, 60s psych-pop, off-kilter swirl guitars, 80s synth beats and water-tight vocal harmonies, these euphonious popsters are the next big thing for lovers of all things rooted in fable, fantasy and harmony.
The Helen is composed in a 'highly ornamental prose style, where balanced clauses and euphonious word choice dazzle the ear and titillate the mind in sentence after sentence' (Kahn 1998:145).
Miles, Monk, Pharoah, Trane, Sun Ra; in an array of rhythmic constructions, Toure spans African existence from humble beginnings to epic signifiers of antiquity in euphonious lyricism such as.
Cheryl will be able to revert to her euphonious old name, Tweedy (there are enough Coles in Newcastle).
He could do so using Chu pronunciation; the euphonious sounds [of his reading] were clear and exact.
Her special attention merits the shift from sound- to whole-word reading methods in the early Soviet years (think early-twentieth-century euphonious exercise phrases like "u liski usiki" [the little fox has little whiskers] versus "kolkhoz, sovkhoz, traktor" from the 1920s-30s').