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Synonyms for euphonical

of or relating to or characterized by euphony


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Euphrasie, a character based euphonically and literally on
That was the fundamental reason behind the extensive mobilisation of labourers euphonically called 'economic-soldiers'.
Lord Voldemort's name can translate from French as both "flight from death" and "theft from death"; it also euphonically suggests vault--"leap over"--death.
Johnson echoes Tennyson not in homage to his genius but to emphasize that in her poem, human sensibilities are being broken by domestic enclosures, not waves that tumble euphonically on the shore.
Existing mineral nomenclature already displays a number of examples of unfortunately similar names that are easily confused; names such as celadonite and caledonite, or mallardite and malladrite can easily be misspelled; names such as rhodesite, rhodizite and rhodusite are euphonically very similar.