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  • verb

Synonyms for euphemize

to use evasive or deliberately vague language

Synonyms for euphemize

refer to something with a euphemism


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He answered: "Since they consider the thing ugly, they start euphemizing it (yaknuna 'anhu).
Falling under that is their euphemizing the genitals (farj), saying: "He exposed his goods (mata') to us.
89) Euphemizing the taboo term abras, abrash is a case of remodeling.
Conversely, the remodeled expression fax/ euphemizing hayd acts at the same time as a figurative overstatement of the menstrual flow.
The left is in power now, and so it is that today's most influential and worrisome euphemizing comes from the left.
Lonergan, of course, approaches this issue from the standpoint of the mystery of love and awe with its specifically Christian historical intelligibility of the law of the cross, again, in a way that takes the postmodern sublime seriously without just euphemizing them.
Whether through placing the responsibility for such unreliable reports or forgeries on a chain of transmitters or euphemizing them through ambiguous citation, Sunni scholars made room for dubious hadiths, in their pedagogical activities.
America is also a culture hell-bent on denying the fact of Death--by ignoring, cosmeticizing, or euphemizing it--and, like it or not, death is intimately involved with sex: Eros and Thanatos, the perennial couple.