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  • verb

Synonyms for euphemize

to use evasive or deliberately vague language

Synonyms for euphemize

refer to something with a euphemism


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The people of Baghdad] euphemize someone's abusing someone else "0 fornicator
Cheng's language here clinically euphemizes the condition of paranoia it insinuates, and as she proceeds with her study, she stops surprisingly short of declaring this psychic state pathological.
When answers didn't materialize quickly enough, the administration pressured agents to use what it euphemizes as "alternative interrogation techniques.
Janssen euphemizes that his crippling actions would be merely a "fresh look at Helix".
Bernard's statement that the doctrine of the early 1540s "continued to reflect the king's eclectic views" euphemizes Henry's policy too greatly (583).
There are only a few passages that the Loeb deliberately euphemizes (only once, I believe, does it render Juvenal's Latin into Greek).
In order to make the manuscripts conform to this narrative, Sharp typically euphemizes Severn's often pointed and direct language.
Seattle versus Cleveland," for example, euphemizes "Seahawks against Browns.