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Synonyms for euphemize

to use evasive or deliberately vague language

Synonyms for euphemize

refer to something with a euphemism


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A'ama as Yemeni taboo word (blind man)or (kur in Persian) translated from (basir (sighted) euphemized by antonym)to (nabina in Persian euphemized by synonym) and also translated to (roshandel in Persian euphemized by defamiliarization strategy).
Then, when it becomes widespread as well, they see in it, in terms of ugliness, what they euphemized because of it.
One can easily imagine such a legislature enacting a statute vesting lynch mobs (perhaps euphemized as "the militia") with the full, unreviewable discretion to adjudicate and punish perceived wrongs, or a statute assigning the automatic death penalty for such vague "crimes" as "being uppity.
One of the presentations at the Truman Institute for Peace lamented the fact that the Israeli media has euphemized the war and made it look natural and justifiable.
Guan wanted his fast fish to have the olfactory power of a wolf and its pack mentality, which he euphemized as team spirit (Fast fish with new power, 2003).
The now-ubiquitous "integrated resort" model (so euphemized because of the Singapore government's discomfort with the word "casino") is the clear choice for the Cotai Strip, where the next ten years' worth of development will take place.
And the word aids has also been politicized, demonized, sentimentalized, commodified, euphemized, and trotted out to the Oscars in its most ceremonial form.
The twentieth century has certainly had its share of radical questionings, but very often these questions (and their answers) have been couched in an intellectualistic and technically distantiating language, which as such appears defensive, with the result that the urgencies emerging from life tend to be euphemized.
Promotional Programs: A Euphemized Mechanism to Ensnare Customers 18
As he concludes, "written as citizenship and inclusion, the invitation of the sexual subject into life is thus a euphemized social death sentence for post-migrants.
This story once euphemized the feeling amongst Persians who were losing their culture to Islamic conquest.
Consistently, Villiers's death is euphemized as "eternal sleep" whereas Cromwell's is a "mortal sleep.
While the language used by this participant is not euphemized with medical jargon, an in-depth knowledge of risk is definitely present.
The "Zionist Aberration" - as it was recently euphemized - didn't create the running sore that is Lebanese sectarianism but (like the country's other neighbor and sometimes-occupier) it has shown a macabre proficiency at sticking its thumbs in the wound and pulling it apart.