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It is what the civilized world is now fighting, but we euphemistically call it "terrorism.
In other words, had Washington enacted the resolution Boxer proposed just two months ago -- euphemistically calling for American troops to ``redeploy'' from Iraq within six months -- Iraq's experiment in democracy would now face certain termination.
impact on what sorts of behaviour would be allowed in bath-houses, massage parlours, strip clubs, escort services, and other depressing outposts of what we are euphemistically encouraged nowadays to call the "sex industry.
Most speak euphemistically, referencing the curmudgeonly "admission committee," citing the vast number of applications received for the "limited number of spaces" available.
Seeking to make a quick score, Marcos and his wife have orchestrated and botched the kidnapping of a neighbor's baby; Ana, like the protagonist of Bunuel's Belle de Jour, amuses herself by working in a brothel, euphemistically referred to as "The Boutique.
For many of the countries of Southeast Asia and South Central Asia, the economic shocks of the first half of 2005 are the same: Natural disasters, surging oil prices, and what is euphemistically called "civil unrest" but may more properly be described as terrorism, or even shooting wars.
One white supremacist in South Africa who is euphemistically referred to as an activist and intellectual, is promoting the myth that "middle-aged and elderly whites [are] the bearers of knowledge and understanding" while blacks are "the authors of social violence".
The racist paradigm, euphemistically phrased as the "White Man's Burden," that led to a Western triumphalism that aggressively proselytized the rest of the world into adopting Western culture and religion.
6%, and the rest is what Subaru euphemistically refers to as "normal" steel.
Not unnaturally Muslims feel that they have been treated unjustly by what is euphemistically called 'the world community'.
He also plans to use all his human resources, including a long range surveillance team which would leave early and observe the targets in hiding; a paramilitary officer from the OGA, or "Other Government Agency," as the CIA is euphemistically known in Iraq; and a team of special forces.
Social security reform (as privatization is euphemistically known), has been on the political agenda since the 1980s but so far, the hopes of those who favor the abolition of America's most popular and effective social program and it replacement with commercially managed individual retirement accounts have not been realized.
First, there is the claim that on the night of March 18, 2003, one of Saddam's sons made what has been euphemistically described as the "illicit withdrawal" of $900 million in $100 bills, 100 million [euro] in euro notes, and an indeterminate amount of gold bullion.
Measurable publication outputs euphemistically represent a nearly incestuous network of mutually supportive forces that produce kitsch and promote mediocrity.
The last time I checked, an enema was administered with an, er, instrument, and the surgical glove meant something us overfifty types euphemistically term a prostate exam.