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Don't get me wrong though, the book is not filled with various words for genitalia or even just alternative descriptions of the water closet: there are numerous more serious topics also covered which, over the years, have been given the euphemism treatment.
From A Dictionary of Contemporary American Usage by Bergen and Cornelia Evans, 1957: "The opposite of euphemism is dysphemism.
By the way, Warrior King has something else in common with my euphemism phone-in.
The AP then used the same euphemism when it put the story on the wire, and the Post business department let it ride in the newspaper lead, then compounded the error by using the same term in the headline.
I would venture to guess that the euphemisms entered the language directly from Hebrew, whereas the dysphemisms are ultimately Hebrew but directly borrowed from Yiddish.
Whether creative vocabulary makes a difference in the market is anyone's guess, but one thing's for sure: "When the markets change, a whole new wave of catchphrases and euphemisms comes in," Solomon said.
The antonymic euphemisms basir for dma and salim for ladigh are still in use in Modern Standard Arabic; cf.
WE have been treated to some sickening euphemisms in the last decade or so, such as "ethnic cleansing" for genocide, "friendly fire" for fatal negligence by ones allies, "collateral damage" for premeditated killing of civilians and "rendition" for handing over suspects to regimes where torture is commonplace.
The word sounds as benign as what a second-grade teacher does to a student's homework, said Ralph Keyes, author of "Euphemania: Our Love Affair With Euphemisms.
Indeed, as feminist author Germaine Greer notes, "It is the fate of euphemisms to lose their function rapidly by association with the actuality of what they designate, so that they must be regularly replaced with euphemisms for themselves" (1971, 298).
Allow me to enlighten those who continue to perpetuate ignorant conclusions and continue to use the euphemisms that would never be tolerated by any other ethnic group.
We use euphemisms to create a favorable image and dysphemisms when do the opposite.
Using high-minded euphemisms to cover their tracks, they defined political equality as requiring "safe legislative seats corresponding to a minority's share of the population.
Understanding the appropriate use of the correct buzzwords, catch phrases, euphemisms, short anecdotes, and general business speak can provide you with some major social currency in the workplace.
Why officialdom indulges so doggedly in such euphemisms has always been a mystery to me.